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Generate P14 and P35 for end of year Payroll

Freeagent is great for managing my payroll but I still use the HMRC Employers CD-ROM (which is really buggy on Snow Leopard by the way!) to keep a record of my payments (P11) and to generate my P35 and P14 returns at the end of the year. I'd also use it to generate my P60 if that even worked on the Mac version.

So wouldn't it be great if Freeagent kept track of my salary payments and let me view my P11, P14 and P35 and generate PDF/CSV copies for my records. It could even generate my P60 too! Then I wouldn't need the employer CD-ROM at all.

The P14 and P35 PDF copies wouldn't need to look very flash, something basic like the ones generated by the Employer CD-ROM would do just fine.
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