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I’m frustrated

Hi. Could you tell me where the photos of receipts it take are stored?

Hi. Could you tell me where the photos of receipts it take are stored? Also is it possible to access these when explaining banking transactions? I like the idea of capturing the receipts, but find it frustrating that I cannot attach these when doing banking. Please help, I find the software ideal for our business. However if this function is not possible we will have to look at alternative solutions. Thanks Neil
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  • Hello Neil,

    Thanks for your question here.

    Attachments are stored in your account against the transaction you uploaded them to, for example Bills or Invoices. You are also able to add attachments (such as receipts) to bank transactions directly.

    If you wish, you can use the Files area to store your photos, however you may wish to also save them into a service such as Dropbox,, so that you have a backup available if your computer breaks down or is stolen.

    There is a 3rd party app that we are aware of (there may be others) that will create a copy of the documents held in your online accounting package and puts them in your existing cloud storage provider:

    I hope this helps.


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