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Is it possible to print off the 'Notes' in 'Project'?

I find the 'Notes' section within the 'Project' very useful for keeping track of business meetings and/or progress and would like to be able to print these off to take to meetings but cannot see how I can do that.
Is it possible to do?
And if not is it possible to request that for future upgrades of FreeAgent?


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  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I'm afraid we don't have a way of printing individual notes. To get around this, a number of our users print out the whole page from their browser. I'm afraid this isn't in the prettiest of formats, but will give you all the information you need. When printing, the notes are displayed in the same order they're shown on the screen, so if, for example, you just want to print the most recent note, printing just page 1 of your notes should do the job.

    Please do get in touch if you've got any questions, and I'll add your request for printing individual notes to our feature request list so that we consider it in future.

    Many thanks,
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