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Project-specific user role

Hi guys,

It would be ideal if FA allows us to set a project-specific role that is different from the user default role.

For example a user role is an Employee but we want him to fully manage a specific project - see financials, issue invoices etc (get admin role) for this project only.

Currently (unless I am missing something) the only way to do so is to give a user full control on all projects making him admin which we cannot do.
This causes a bottleneck situation where admin role is always involved in financial actions within FA (issuing quotes and invoices for each project).

Would be very thankful to get your opinion/feedback on this.

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  • Hi Simeon,

    Thanks for getting in touch. You're right that this isn't something that you can currently do in FreeAgent. Although this isn't on our current roadmap (which runs for the next 6 months), we do want to review our user permissions in the future. When we do, we'll take all of the feedback we've had so far into account, as well as doing some more user testing, before making a call on what additional functionality we'll add to user permissions. I can definitely see where project-specific access would be useful, so it's absolutely something we'll bring to the discussion. 

    I can't give any timescales for when we would pick this up, but if you're interested, I'd love to get you involved in user testing when we do.

    Many thanks,
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