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Student loan repayment calculation...

Can we have a projected student loan repayment calculation (9% of income over £15,000) within the self assessment pages?

It's that time of year again when one has to fill out a self assessment tax return (well technically we've all had three months to do it, but it's been a busy winter). And so again this year like last, I am taken by surprise by the student loan repayment. At first I thought that there was a fault within the FreeAgent tax calculation but on closer inspection of the HMRC calculation it seems both calculations were right but FreeAgent's doesn't go far enough to complete the circle, so to speak.

It would be quite nice to have a student loan repayment added to payroll or at least reports. A checkbox/boolean property on each employee (such as 'deduct student loan?') and a second qualifier 'on each payslip' or 'annually' or 'via self assessment' which could then be set to either add a student loan deduction in each payslip automatically [better] or introduce an extra reporting line within the self assessment calculation [better than waiting for HMRC's calculation]).

Just a thought for us graduates :)
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