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Who doesn't like an Expenses report!

How great would it be - after all the work our team do in submitting expenses and uploading receipts for all projects - if we could 'Create an Expenses Report' (just like you can create a Time Tracking Report.

Like time tracking reports, it would be good to filter the report by Client / Project / custom dates / who owns the expense. Also, relevant expense attachments should be packaged in a folder or pdf'd alongside the report.

ATM, all our inputting work gives us nothing in return other than being able to add them to invoices or for the most-authorised users to download the attachments one-by-one. It could (hopefully quite easily) do so much more!
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  • Hi Desmond,

    Thanks for getting in touch with another really interesting request. I can absolutely see how this would be useful for you, and how it could both add value and save time. I'm afraid that looking at this isn't on our current roadmap, which runs for the next 6 months, but it's absolutely something that we'll consider for future development. 

    There are a number of improvements we'd like to make in the Expenses area of the app, but unfortunately we only have so many hands, so have had to prioritise our focus. I'll add your request to our feature request board, which is where we start when planning our next cycle of work.

    Many thanks,
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